Saint-Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation

66-th International Student's Scientific Conference

15-19 April, 2013

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The VI International Society of Automation (ISA) district 12 student research long-distance conference (ESRC-2013)

April 17, 2013 14:00 GMT.
The conference organize in the Frame of the 66 International Students Scientific Conference of the SUAI
and agreement of cooperation between ISU and SUAI.



  • Gerald Cockrell, professor, ISU (USA)
  • Anatoly Ovodenko, professor, SUAI ( Russia)
  • Alexander Bobovich, department chair SUAI (Russia)
  • Orazio Mirabella, professor, CU (Italy)
  • Jesus Zamarreno, professor, VU (Spain)
  • Sergey Bezzateev, professor, SUAI (Russia)
  • Alexander Shepeta, professor, SUAI (Russia)
  • Mario Collotta, ass. professor, Kore U( Italy)

The agenda

14:00Ц14:05 GMT:
Professor Gerald W. Cockrell.
14:05Ц14:20 GMT:
Hubert Williams (ISU, USA).
A research opportunity: the American journey to the EMV security standard as a case study in technology adoption.
14:20Ц14:35 GMT:
Ekaterina Andreeva (SUAI, Russia).
Pseudorandom number generator based on biometric approach.
14:35Ц14:50 GMT:
Ines Zaidi (VU, Spain).
Positive state estimation with H? performance for positive continuous Ц time sugeno systems.
14:50Ц15:05 GMT:
Guglielmo Seminara (CU, Italy).
Design and development of an embedded oriented framework for the control and monitoring of remote systems.
15:05Ц15:20 GMT:
Salvatore Monello, Sebastiano Pulvirenti, Emanuela Venture (UC, Italy).
An embedded system for precision farming.
15:20-15:35 GMT:
Alexander Wood, Balazs Koszegi, Dmitrii Bychkov (University of Oxford, UK).
Tree extension for HMMingbird compiler: support for recursions on trees.
15:35Ц15:40 GTM:
Alex Bobovich.

Participation Guidelines

  1. Enter the Collaborate web site using your country location (Italy, Spain, Russia, USA)
  2. Activate the camera icon located under the camera view. It is the small camera picture (right one).
  3. Do not activate TRANSMIT until directed by moderator. You should complete the camera and microphone setup procedure prior to turning on camera. This is located in the tools icon. Setup Wizard.
  4. When directed by me (Gerald Cockrell), click on Transmit button to turn on camera and microphone.
  5. To talk, the TALK icon must be pressed. Remember to click this Talk icon when you are done talking.
  6. I will also be able to communicate with you via the CHAT area.
  7. If you have questions, you may raise your hand using the HAND icon. Wait for the moderator to recognize you before talking.
  8. I will control moving PowerPoint slides from my location.
  9. When your session has completed, be sure to click on Transmit to turn off your camera. You will be able to still talk on the microphone.
  10. I will load each presentation prior to your session. Wait for me to verify that you may begin.
  11. Enjoy!

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